Finish Strong Teams Up with Miracle Hill Mission

MHM RideThe Inaugural Miracle Hill Mission Ride kicked off from the Greenville Miracle Hill Mission Saturday morning. This ride was birthed from a growing relationship between Finish Strong and Miracle Hill over the past year, and when a perfectly matched need meets a perfect opportunity, you know God has had a hand in bringing it together!

Just as physical fitness builds the body, team members like rider leader, Ben Franklin, seek to build the body of Christ through these rides. Over the miles, team members and residents at the Mission share stories and form bonds, with the hope that they may know just how much they are beloved by our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus.

Team Finish Strong looks forward to more good things coming from our partnership with Miracle Hill in the months ahead as we hold out the hope that, in Christ, everyone’s journey can Finish Strong!

If you want to join Team Finish Strong on our Mission rides, come by and visit our Strava club or Facebook page, and if you want to know how you can join the team, stop by our membership section on the website!

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