Triple Bakery Ride

Ben Franklin regularly makes the trip up the watershed by bike, and recently he, along with other members of Finish Strong, rode into the foothills on what has been termed, “The Triple Bakery Ride.”

The Triple Bakery is one of those that might well be placed in the “Epic” category of rides in the Upstate. As the name implies, favorites of the popular Bakery and Double Bakery Rides will be familiar with waypoints on this trek, as visits to the cyclist friendly bakeries in Flat Rock and Saluda are included.  Throw in the Bracken Mountain Bakery in Brevard, NC, and, voila, you have a confectionary trifecta worthy of remembrance!

To be certain, one must pay homage to the mountains in order to enjoy the delights that await on this 80+ mile journey.  The greatest challenge came early for Ben’s group with a climb up Caesar’s Head.  On this day, morning fog set the perfect backdrop for a group photo commemorating the ascent, then it was off to Brevard for their first bakery stop. Six plus hours, 84 miles, and 5,600 feet of climbing later, the team returned to the meetup location in Marietta, SC.

Finish Strong, a team of endurance athletes committed to sharing the Word of Christ through cycling, welcomes anyone to join the team on their regular group rides. Rides are usually posted on the Strava club page or are posted via email. You may also use our contact form for further information.

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James Fowler
Finish Strong

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