Waiver Help

To complete and sign the waiver, open the document with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

First, select the FILL & SIGN tool on the toolbar, then click on the form where you wish to fill in. A text tool will appear. Please enter the participants name and age.

Fill Waiver

Next, select the SIGN tool option from the toolbar and choose ADD SIGNATURE.

Select Signature

A popup window will appear to add the participant’s signature. Select the type of signature you wish to use, a typed version of your signature, a hand-drawn version, or an image of your signature that has already been saved. Have the participant complete the signature, then select APPLY.

Create Signature

The signature will appear over the form. Drop the signature on the SIGNATURE line, then click on the form to enter the date. Click on the SAVE button to save the completed document.

Save Document

If the participant is a minor, please note that we are not able to accept memberships for persons under 18 years at this time.

Please submit the completed waiver to membership@teamfs.org.