Finish Strong Teams Up with Miracle Hill Mission

MHM RideThe Inaugural Miracle Hill Mission Ride kicked off from the Greenville Miracle Hill Mission Saturday morning. This ride was birthed from a growing relationship between Finish Strong and Miracle Hill over the past year, and when a perfectly matched need meets a perfect opportunity, you know God has had a hand in bringing it together!

Just as physical fitness builds the body, team members like rider leader, Ben Franklin, seek to build the body of Christ through these rides. Over the miles, team members and residents at the Mission share stories and form bonds, with the hope that they may know just how much they are beloved by our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus.

Team Finish Strong looks forward to more good things coming from our partnership with Miracle Hill in the months ahead as we hold out the hope that, in Christ, everyone’s journey can Finish Strong!

If you want to join Team Finish Strong on our Mission rides, come by and visit our Strava club or Facebook page, and if you want to know how you can join the team, stop by our membership section on the website!

VLOG: When the Child is In Charge

What would happen if we were to let our preschoolers call the shots? Parents would probably shudder at the thought!

After contemplating this, another thought quickly follows…I wonder if God isn’t doing the very same thing right now over some of the choices we’ve made? hmmmm….

Vlog – Season 1 – video #12. To see past vlogs, visit the vlog channel:

2019 Membership Now Open

Welcome to Finish Strong!  We’re writing to let you know that the 2019 membership season is now open, and also to tell you about some exciting developments that have occurred this year.  Refocusing on our roots and listening to input from our members, we’ve charted a course for 2019 that places an emphasis on working together to further the mission of the team – to share the hope of Christ through endurance sports.

In keeping with this theme, the 2019 Kit has been finalized and is a nod to the original Finish Strong kit. Based on current safety trends and member feedback, HI-VIS elements have been incorporated to make for an updated, great looking kit that promotes the safety of our members while out on the roads.
2019 Kit Jersey2019 Kit Shorts

One of the things that came into focus in 2018 was the recognition that, in order to achieve our goals of spreading the Word of Christ through our sport, we need to keep the main thing the main thing. Jesus must be at the center of our lives and the motivation for what we do before we can have any meaningful  impact for the gospel.

Our desire is to see our team members grow in their relationship with Christ Jesus, and this best fostered in a local body of believers. It is in these faith communities where we can be built up in our faith as described in Colossians 2:6-7.

That said, our role as a team is to take the gospel beyond of the doors of the church and into world. To that end, one of our core focuses in 2019 is to better equip team members to share their faith where opportunities may be found. We will be providing ministry resources and tools in various forms to our members throughout the year so that they may be prepared when those opportunities come!

Thank you to all who support the mission of Team Finish Strong!

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Finish Strong Cycling

Thumbs Up Thumbs DownThere is perhaps no more iconic symbol of modern social life today than the thumbs up symbol used on numerous media platforms. With merely a tap of these buttons, we declare to the world what we like or dislike, or of what things we approve or disapprove.

So embedded is public approval in our culture that getting the most likes, the most views, or the most followers has become its own phenomenon. Taken to the extreme, we end up with absurdities such as the Kiki (“InMyFeelings”) Challenge where people jump out of moving vehicles to dance while on video – all for the approval of a virtual audience.

Here in America, public opinion is a beast like none other in modern American life that has both lifted up unlikely heroes as well as taken down the powerful. The mood of the masses has at times even trumped the order of…

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