Partners for Active Living



Finish Strong is pleased to partner with Spartanburg's Partners for Activing Living by collecting used bicycles and bicycle parts to help support their HUB Cycle program. The history of the organization dates back to 1996 when Mary Black Foundation (MBF) and a number of community partners commissioned a study to determine the greatest health risks facing the Spartanburg community. The study identified five target areas and, based on those results, 4 community task forces were created. One of those was the Cardiovascular Disease Task Force, which in 2000, applied for and received funding from MBF. 

The funded community group called itself Heartwise and operated around the specific goal of addressing the dramatic rise in incidents of cardiovascular disease in Spartanburg County. The organization soon realized that increased physical activity and its relationship to the built environment was key to improving the community’s health and that education alone was not enough. Thus, Heartwise changed its name to Partners for Active Living in 2003 and launched multiple initiatives to promote the benefits of a bikeable and walkable community and create new opportunities for being physically active on a daily basis.

Over the last eight years, PAL has developed a comprehensive approach to pursuing our mission. PAL employs three main strategies: advocating active environments, educating the community and its leadership and promoting active lifestyles. The combination of these three major programs is designed to reach all ages, races and genders within the entire Spartanburg County area.