Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is:

Connecting people in the suburbs with the people of Bel-Aire. 

Finish Strong is fundraising to help KB Charitable Trust with their Summer Camps.

100% of the money raised will go to this cause. All donations are tax deductible, but always check with your tax preparer. 


More Info:

If you would like more information on this cause, please contact us at or 864.303.3317.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. 

 Bridging The Gap in the Bel-Aire Community


Finish Strong is partnering with KB Charitable Trust to help raise funds for their summer camps. Below is information on this non-profit organization and what they are about.

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  • We are “Relationship”… rather than “Program” 
  • We desire to re-develop the community from the “inside out” (i.e. by encouraging and mobilizing the people living in the community) rather than from the “outside in” (i.e. by people from the suburbs coming into the community for short-term projects), however...
  • We are also firmly convinced that no one organization or church can have a major impact on any of Greenville’s inner-city neighborhoods because the challenges that plague these communities are too numerous and are growing at an alarming rate. Therefore, we are striving to be a community-wide effort that "bridges the gap" between the resources of the suburban community (individuals, businesses, and churches) with the Bel-Aire families, businesses, and churches who are striving to rebuild their community.
  • We have a much longer-term approach where our programs center around Bel-Aire families involved in our re-development activities and represent a very small part of our efforts. Thus the typical short-term suburban projects (normally at Christmas or Thanksgiving) are not the end result… but rather just another opportunity to help us establish more meaningful relationships with families that we are strategically trying to use to stabilized the community.
  • In 2013, we had 7 full-time interns for the 2013 Summer Camp, one devoted 100% to community development activities involving volunteers from 11 different states. We are planning for two separate camps (by age groups) for 2014 and are praying for 15 interns-[5 to work with community development/construction plans in Bel-Aire, 5 to work with camp for age 9 and under, and 5 to work with ages 10 and up]
  • The 2013 Summer Camp went well and from it we learned that the growth of the ministry now requires much more training/preparation and over-site on our end. With the kids getting older more one-on-one mentors will be a major part of 2014 summer’s program. We are very thankful for the interns who gave so much of themselves to a work that is very demanding at times. We are seeing the results of their labor.

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