Racing in the Big Apple by Dave Lee


So, I'm in NYC for the weekend (May 7th) and decided to squeeze in a race this morning...yes, it's already over...start times here are often 6am. The race was in prospect park (Brooklyn), a rolling 3.4mi circuit. It's a nice venue and always turns out large fields in the Pro 1/2 races with some big names that come out in-between the larger races. Today was no exception, maxed out at 110 bodies on the start line. Champion System was there, as was CRCA/Foundation.

Several guys came up to me at the start asking what I was doing so far from home. And there was definitely respect for our team. Just thought I'd mention that people are noticing us all over.

I should say that I packed light for the trip and didn't even bring a bike…shoes, pedals, kit, were all that I put in the bag. So I was on a loaner bike for the ride and it took some adjustment, but the real difficulty was that I was riding a compact setup with a 50/12 max on a course where we regularly hit 40+ mph at one downhill stretch.

Anyway, about an hour into a 2 hour race, I was able to get into the day's winning move. Seven of us including two Champion System guys and Foundation. They do a season series and award leader/kom/sprint jerseys after each race. One of the two Champion System guys was in the yellow and not working so I knew he had it in the bag if we came to the line together. I figured all or nothing today so with about 7miles to go I attacked the break.

they caught me…With about 1mile to go. I was blown completely and the sprint behind ate me up in the last 200m.

But - besides the 'almost win' - the takeaway for me is that we have a strong rep in on the East Coast. The Champion System guys said they had a great time at the spring series in Greenville and would like to be back. They definitely have respect for us…I think the work we did at the La Bastide race and Speekweek earned that.

I'll be back in Greenville for the SC state race. See you all soon. 



Vince Schmidt
Vince Schmidt