Cheryl the Warrior!

There is in life the excitement of knowing there is a surprise and with anticipation waiting for it to explode, the thrill of Awe!! The expectation of exciting news, those are all the emotional highs when what we are hoping for is "good" and can be almost euphoric, but what about when we are not waiting, not excited, not expecting? Then what? How does our heart respond? Can it jump with joy, can we muster a thankful Hallelujah? Can we know and believe the "why not me" instead of the "why me?" Can it become a not about "what now" or "what next", but about what God's going to do with this--how will I allow Him to be revealed--how will I show His glory side? The 'how" is in the trust. The 'how" is knowing our worth. The "how" is in believing, the "how" is in "how" can it be any other way?
The privilege of knowing our worth in Christ can sometimes be seen/known in and through our suffering. It is that very time in life that starts or continues to define us, just as iron sharpens iron and fire refines gold, the product of refining is the essence of our being; the very by product of Christ in us.
Emotions have poured into me from every angel, every dimension, but God's filling/pouring continues to be the fullness I seek. Like many warriors I have been in battle more than once, though wounded, never defeated! God has provided the necessary tools for all his warriors and if we choose we are protected with his armour; head to toe, head to soul, the covering of Christ--a perfect fit for any warrior, in any battle!
I have once again been called to enter a place that I am unfamiliar with, a place where opinions and options are overwhelming, a place where Satan would like nothing more than to hold me down in fear and physical restraint. However, it is actually a sort of relief to enter this battlefield, because for the first time in years we actually know what we are fighting! The battle is with Lyme's disease, late stage; the fight is extensive, that much we know, our options, again overwhelming.
My purpose in sharing this battle is to network, to hear input, to get insight--I truly covet any information you may have, direction you would give and mostly prayers you may offer!
God had previously told me as I had cried out to him-- "consider it an adventure" and then presented to me Heb 10:36: "You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised"
I do not want to miss anything that God has deemed necessary for the exposure of His Kingdom, as well allowing the Holy Spirit to move the wonders of His ways!
Thank you!
Loving you and as always,

Cheryl Turner

Walk with the King!!

Just wanted to include many of you whom have asked and shared in our concern through these past years trying to figure out what it was that was causing all Cheryl's pain and suffering.Just wanted to include many of you whom have asked and shared in our concern through these past years trying to figure out what it was that was causing all her pain and suffering. This was a notice she put out, please contact her if you have any wisdom or testimony on how to counter attack this bacterial demon., 262-424-4733 What a blessing to have this network of family friends i will include just one of the many articles i have read in the past few days.

Vince Schmidt
Vince Schmidt